Builders Marketing Materials Pre-Loaded


Save Time By Automatically Building Trust & Rapport Without Having To Speak To Prospects

  • Automatically send out personalised emails to enquiries
  • Regularly stay in touch with no effort from yourself
  • Set and forget follow ups for buys in the ‘research’ stage
  • Dramatically increase the lifespan of your leads

Opportunity Tracking


Never Forget a Conversation You Had With a Hot Prospect By Tracking Every Communication In The Deals Section


  • Create ‘deals’ for your qualified opportunities
  • Create custom deal screens to capture specific information
  • Track your sales team & see who is following up
  • Never miss another follow up again – set your expected close date, probability and next action date.

Website Integration


Easily Capture Leads From Your Existing Website


  • Connect to any website
  • Build complete ‘landing pages’ within KIT or use your website
  • Generates code for your website designer in 1 click

To-Do’s (Tasks)


Manage Multiple ‘To Do’ Tasks Across Your Entire Team To Ensure Everything Is Done On Time And Nothing Is Forgotten


  • Create To-Do ‘Plans’ for groups of tasks that need to be done after each sale/enquiry etc
  • Automate who gets assigned what
  • Track your team via your admin view of all tasks for all team members

Professional Landing Pages


Start using any of these professionally prepared landing pages that allow you to capture leads online even if you don’t have a website.


  • Done-For-You Website Landing Pages
  • No website necessary
  • Start generating leads instantly
Brent McDonald - Seachange Tree

I Realised I Had To Have This!


After searching high & low for a CRM that would help me achieve some specific goals – and trust me I’ve tried a few along the way! I was keen to see what KIT would offer.
I mean who does a 56 minute video presentation + sales pitch for a program, 10 minutes in I realised I had to have this!
Can’t wait to see where this has propelled myself and business in another 12 months from now!

Brent McDonald

Seachange Tree

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