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Keep In Touch Builders CRM has been created by ACRIS Services


ACRIS Services are based in Australia and operate in several countries. ACRIS was founded with a simple mission; to help builders operate more efficiently and more profitably. Keep In Touch CRM for builders is in good company, ACRIS Services also leads one of the premier builders lead generation companies in Australia and runs a builder specific online store for construction safety documentation.

We all know how important systems are to a business… but there’s usually a lot of upfront work that has to be done. We set out to create a system for a building company that can be learned in under 60 minutes, and implemented instantly. This is how we developed Keep In Touch CRM for builders.

After 5 years of research, trial and error, we developed a CRM for builders that allows a small to medium to even large size building company to manage more sales opportunities in less time and respond to all of their new enquiries in seconds.

Since launching KIT we have systemised hundreds of building companies across Australia, New Zealand and the UK ranking Keep In Touch as the #1 construction CRM for residential home builders.

Keep In Touch Construction CRMBy Using Keep In Touch you can easily identify a hot prospect by who reads your emails. In our demonstration we actually educate you on how you can build trust and rapport without speaking to prospects, all via Keep In Touch.

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